Brazilian recording artist, vocalist, composer, percussionist, guitarist, and musical arranger.

Eduardo Mendonça was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and traces his lineage to a royal African family bearing the hereditary title of Mama-beka ("prophet of the royal court").

His grandfather, maintained the Mama-beka title and is pictured in the Instituto Geográfico e Histórico da Bahia (Geographic and Historical Institute of Bahia).

"Seattle is lucky to have Mendonça in the neighborhood" (The Seattle Times)...

  1. Winner of "Spirit of Liberty"; award received from the Congressman Jim McDermott for an immigrant who has made outstanding contribution to his adopted country, the U.S.A. while maintaining his ethnic heritage.
  2. Winner of "Outstanding Brazilian Male Singer based in the U.S." for the Brazilian International Press Award 2007 (Florida).
  3. Winner of "Tribute for Excellence and Achievements in Advancement of Performing Arts and Education of the Brazilian Music in 2006" - Centro Cultural Hispano Americano and University of Washington.
  4. Winner of Aspasia Phoutrides Pulakis Memorial Award 2005 for his significant contributions to the Brazilian Community and the community at-large of the Northwest.
Examples of his musical experience and engagement:
  • Performed as featured musician in many venues in Bahia - Brazil

  • Performed in trios such as Dengo da Bahia, Papa Léguas, and Marcos Medrado, and toured locally and internationally as vocalist and percussionist with the folkloric troupe, Exaltação á Bahia.

  • Command performances for Brazilian President Joãoo Baptista Figueiredo and for Pope John Paul II.

  • Played for the former South Africa President Nelson Mandela (Seattle, WA - USA - 1999).

  • In 1991, Mendonça was featured in Paul Simon's documentary music video, "Born at the Right Time."

  • Performed for legendary Brazilian musicians Geraldo Azevedo (2008 - Calgary, Canada); Alcione (2006 - Florida, USA), Roberto Menescal (2007 - Florida, USA), and Jorge Ben Jor (2008 - Florida, USA).

  • Play for Pope John Paul II’s welcome to Brazil, former South Africa President Nelson Mandela (Seattle, WA, USA, 1999), Brazilian President Jočo Baptista Figueiredo (Brazil 1979)

  • Eduardo also performed for the 14th Dalai Lama (Seattle, WA 2008), and legendary Brazilian musicians Alcione (2006 - Florida, USA), Roberto Menescal (2007 - Florida, USA), Geraldo Azevedo (2008 - Calgary, Canada), and Jorge Ben Jor (2008 - Florida, USA).